Industrial heat pumps – Geothermal energy extraction from disused mine workings.

Coolideas Ltd has been responsible for the design of air to water, and water to water heat pumps for a wide range of users. Some of our heat pump designs are already being manufactured by prominent names in the industry, delivering top COP’s (coefficient of performance).

Bespoke system design for collecting thermal energy from a wide range of sources can be engineered and built in-house.


Thermal management – Through Energi-Vault™ technology.

Coolideas’ engineering team has successfully delivered a unique energy banking technology for an emerging main player in the energy storage business.

Ice Bank Ltd is marketing the innovative Energi-Vault system having won a number of awards for this high efficiency/high energy density thermal battery.

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Ammonia plant - Design and/or build, service and maintain.

Already looking after a number of cold stores, ice plants and industrial cooling systems using ammonia refrigerant, Coolideas Ltd is well equipped to provide full support to all aspects of the ammonia refrigeration industry.

With well-equipped workshops, the company is capable of providing solutions to most engineering problems.


Flammable refrigerants – Barrier refrigeration systems

Coolideas Ltd has pioneered “Barrier refrigeration” systems utilising “Active secondary” technology allowing the use of a wide range of useful but highly flammable refrigerants to operate safely in all environments.


Cryogenics – Cascade systems and workable alternatives.

Construction/ Service/ and maintenance of cryogenic systems for hospitals, laboratories and industrial applications are catered for in our “special projects division” where an innovative approach to refrigeration system design delivers successful results to complex projects.

The price of refrigerants employed in Cryogenic systems continues to rise to prohibibtive levels and alternatives needed to be sought.

Coolideas Ltd  has pushed the boundaries and is able to deliver sub -70deg C temperatures using Zero ODP and Low GWP refrigerants.





Coolideas can offer support to all major brands of compressors equipment including

Grasso - Sabroe - APV Hall - Bitzer - Danfoss - Alco - Refrigeration specialities - Copeland - AC&R - Maneurop - Vogt - Frick - Gram - Stal - Dorin - Witt - Mycom - Trane - Tecumseh - Carrier - Vilter - Robinair - Climavenita - GEA



Leaders in Green cooling methods, designs and projects

A competent team of technicians deliver unbeatable results and full support packages for users of industrial refrigeration equipment and processes.